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9 Nugget alternatives you can get right now

 Feb 16, 2021

If April seems like three million years away and you need something similar to these ASAP, here are my favorite from around the web.



Jan 27, 2021

Who can’t remember playing fort in the living room as a kid — moving kitchen chairs against the sides of sofas and covering them with all the blankets you could pull out of the hallway closet? Do you remember removing all the pillows from the beds and jumping like Buzz Light Year from one end of the room to the other on them? Indoor jungle gyms are as commonplace as Cookie Dough ice cream and Hershey bars in a kid’s world.


Winter Toys and Activities for Children, No Electronics Needed

Jan 27, 2021

Children already spend more than enough time in front of the computer, gaming consoles, and other electronics. Make the weekends all about screen-free indoor playtime. Uncover our list of children’s interactive toys and activities that will spark plenty of creative play and fun this winter.



Pandemic Parent-Favorite The Nugget Couches Aren't Shipping Until 4/30, So Here Are the Best Nugget Alternatives

Jan 26, 2021

For everything Nugget, plus Nugget cheaper options and the best knockoff Nugget couches, we’re breaking it all down here.


Building a better playset

With the pandemic as the stepmother of invention, the Figgy, from new, local startup Shenanigan Kids, aims to provide parents and kids with a fun, fashionable outlet for play.



Padded play structures a pandemic-inspired business from local entrepreneurs

Nov 29, 2020


Can’t Get a Nugget? New Padded Playset Keeps Kids Active at Home

Dec 12, 2020

Are you looking to get your kids active while sparking their imagination? Two Madison-area parents recently joined forces to co-found Shenanigan Kids, a company that makes padded playsets for kids of all ages. The company’s first product, The Figgy ($299), began its kickstarter campaign on Nov. 19 and hit its goal of $40k in a record 8 minutes.


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