About Us

Another idea from another parent.

Just like so many other parents out there, we’ve “invented” products in our heads that would help enrich our kids’ lives or make things easier on us. The Figgy does both. It helps spark creative play time, but also checks a lot of boxes for parents – easy to clean up, looks good, versatile, doesn’t hurt when stepped on, alternative to screen time, gets out the wiggles, and the list goes on.

The idea for the Figgy originally came from Rachel, who saw an opportunity to improve on other playsets out there. And when she thought about who in her network could help this thing become a reality, she thought of her friend Chris, who wasn’t always a friend.

A Perfect Fit

First, they were strangers, then business acquaintances, and then they became friends. And now Rachel and Chris are partners and co-founders of Shenanigan Kids, the company that makes the Figgy. Between them, they have seven kids – Rachel is winning with five, but Chris is plenty busy with two energetic young boys.

Rachel, a self-proclaimed fort aficionado as a kid, is an entrepreneur at heart having already launched two other companies. Chris has a range of supply chain, engineering and team-building experience at some of the biggest names in retail and tech. His fort building technique as a young one was a bit more technical. Together, they’re the perfect fit to help bring the Figgy to life.

Rachel Neill


Rachel’s background includes extensive experience in and national recognition for building exceptional teams, facilitating fundraising, and scaling companies. In 2017, she launched her first company leaving her comfortable gig and regular paycheck.  Prior to founding Shenanigan Kids, she started Carex Consulting Group, Talent Bandit, and she worked as an executive at Nordic Consulting - helping to build it into one of the largest nationwide Epic consulting firms. Company culture is Rachel’s jam, and she’s proud to be an entrepreneur, a connector, a working mom of five, and a dog lover. She’s also never met a Peloton run she didn’t like.


Chris Roepe


Chris has held leadership and consulting roles at some of the biggest names in retail and tech — Lands’ End, Intel, and Motorola, to name a few. His robust knowledge of supply chain translates well to the toy world and founding of Shenanigan Kids alongside Rachel. Chris has a passion for startups and building out high-functioning teams.  With two little boys at home, he’s never without a good dad joke. 


Malini Suri

Product Designer

Malini is passionate about innovation and likes to challenge what is possible to create products that have an impact. She is driven by an endless curiosity for the world around her. She has both a BA in Industrial Design and a BS in Zoology. She has worked in a variety of industries including animal care, non-profits, documentary video production and design. Companies she has worked for include Pew Environment Group, PBS, Discovery Channel, Vice News, and Milwaukee Electric Tool. Outside of work you might see her doing yoga in the park, or spending too much money at craft stores!