The Figgy

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What else? It looks nice.

We also put some thought into how the Figgy looks. The last thing you need is another loud, attention grabbing kids item that stands out like a sore thumb. So, we’ve selected pleasing patterns that go with just about any home décor. At launch, we plan to have several styles to choose from.

Kids can configure the Figgy pieces to become just about anything that pops into their little heads – a pirate ship, jungle fort or just a comfy spot to relax.

I am so excited about the Figgy, so much endless play for my girls! I love the waterproof liners because with 3 kids under 3, lots of accidents happen in our house!

Bridget B.

I love that the Figgy is so versatile. We can lay down and watch a movie or Sawyer can use his imagination to build and create all the different forts he wants. The waterproof liners are also what sold me - kids spill things and I want to make sure the items are protected. The liners being waterproof take the worry away and I can allow the kids to be kids!

Chevone C.

So if anybody is contemplating between the two, let me just tell you that the other couch has nothing on the Figgy... Oh Figgy, we can't wait for you!

Mel, Mom & Figgy Lover